Timeline of a talk

Information for participants

tl;dr: Talk and q&a streamed on YouTube, further discussion in Jitsi. Participate in Mattermost chat channel

  1. YouTube channel is announced via Mattermost (General and Talk channel), website and social media
  2. Questions are collected by the talk moderator in chat and on social media (YouTube is not possible)
  3. After the talk the questions are asked by the moderator and answered in a q&a session - approx. 15 minutes (streamed)
  4. After the q&a there is the possibility for a further discussion by all participants in Jitsi (not streamed)


The Code of Conduct also applies at this online event.

We do not accept hate speech, racist, sexist or insulting comments in the chat. Any form of insult, harassment, threat, disparagement, inhuman and violence glorifying behavior or personal attacks have no place with us and will be deleted directly. We reserve the right to exclude the participant from the event.

Please observe the following basic rules:


  • Use a plain name or your known pseudonym for your participation
  • Add a profile photo
  • Be polite to each other - respect each other.
  • Listen to the moderator or the moderation team.
  • No spam and/or advertising.
  • Avoid @here or @channel in channels
  • You can open new Mattermost channels at any time and start video calls with Jitsi. Be aware that others may find your topics interesting as well.


  • Mute microphone
  • If you have any questions ask them in the chat or use the virtual hand signal
  • Set the quality setting of your camera to low
  • Be nice to our speakers
  • Do not share the URLs of the jitsi channels. Registrations are possible over the whole weekend.
  • let others finish

In order to keep an overview, the general channel "Campfire" is regularly reviewed and cleaned up by us.

If you have noticed or we have forgotten something, please contact the t3oce orga team. Either by mail to team@t3oce.org or by direct message (you can recognize us by t3oce_).

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Session schedule

You want an overview about the session schedule for Saturday and Sunday? View our schedule and take part at the sessions!