01. - 02. August

More than just a replacement for the annual barcamps - a platform for exchange of knowledge, joint development and fun. Our attempt to bridge the distance.

Who are we?

From West to South to East: fitting to the 30th anniversary we fraternise and span a TYPO3 knowledge triangle over Germany:

We are the TYPO3camps Berlin, Munich, and RheinRuhr. Every year we give everything for you to organize even better events. All our experiences and also the ones we don't have yet, we will lump together this year and make common cause.


To take the proximity of the bar camp and carry it into the vastness of the net - that is our goal. To bring the community together and to make the distance a minor matter - we call:

We need you!
Support the community with your knowledge, your experience or simply with your participation.

You have topics you are passionate about and want to have a session on them?
Great! Then get in touch with us!


You want to know more about certain TYPO3 things?
Top. Then make a session suggestion, register and ask the speaker holes in the stomachs.

You want to contribute to our fundraising project?
Mega. Then become supporters.

Do you feel addressed by any of the points?
Contact us via social media or by mail to team@t3oce.org 


You don't just want to watch the sessions as a stream, but you want to actively participate in the event by asking questions directly to the presenter after the session is over? Then register here.

What are the advantages of this registration?

1. You get access to the "session rooms" and can talk to the speakers in barcamp style.

2. You can open your own chat rooms and have "corridor conversations" and if you don't like reading only, you can start a video call directly - all services are of course FOSS. :)

3. You will be heard during the session planning.

4. We only provide the platform. You can actively participate.

5. A clear conscience: You support us directly and strengthen the community.

Donation Projects

Especially in trying times like these it is important to support those in need. Therefore we kindly ask you to consider supporting the following projects:


Corona Emergency Relief Fund: The German Red Cross has called on the population to make donations to a corona emergency relief fund. This crisis is bigger than the DRC, it connects and affects the whole of society. We appeal to the collective care and solidarity of all. Therefore #füreinander.


Heimatstern e. V.

We help. Unbureaucratically. Human. We support people in need. Regardless of origin, religion or gender. Together with YOU! #zusammengehtwas Our association Heimatstern e.V., based in Munich, has been recognised as a non-profit organisation since 2016.


Seebrücke e. V.

We are experiencing an unprecedented human rights, health and political disaster and must support those who are particularly hard hit by this disaster. We stand together: Leave No One Behind!


Freifunk Munich

The non-commercial initiative for the development of free (radio) networks



Time English track German track
08:30 am - 09:00 am Opening
09:00 am - 09:45 am Session planning
09:45 am - 10:15 am Keynote
10:30 am - 11:30 am Session Session
12:00 am - 01:00 pm Session Session
02:30 pm - 03:30 pm Session Session
04:15 pm - 05:15 pm Session Session
05:15 pm - 05:45 pm Goodbye


We'd like to keep things interesting in between sessions and during beaks. So how about you step forward and bring one of these great ideas to live (or have your own idea):

Minecraft server

  • not only for Kids
  • Build a giant TYPO3 logo
  • Build the OCE logo
  • Build the TYPO3 backend?

Neighbourhood tours

  • “Where am I?” Game
  • Show and guess best places nearby


(Streamed cooking together)


“The science behind corona”

(Watch Together)-stream

Thriller Dinner

To website